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GGLS is in collaboration with XJ Elevator corporation (XJ SIEMENS) and sourcing high-end 'XJ SIEMEN Medicare' hospital elevators from their state of the art factory in China. Medicare hospital elevators have large capacity and wide opening doors to accommodate stretchers, beds, and other medical equipment. They also provide precise leveling to allow easy access for wheelchairs and beds. In response to the elevation needs of health and medical centers, clinics and hospitals of any size, We can provide a variety of elevators that fulfill EN81-70 standard. We understands that the hospital elevators must provide accessible, safe, reliable, and hygienic rides in these busy environments.

Special features of XJ SIEMENS Medicare Hospital elevators.

Richen of negative oxygen ions
The cabin air quality can be greatly improved.

Cage UV anti-virus scanner
With considering of the special location and passengers, Medicare equips with UV anti-virus device. During stands by, Medicare, based on the preset schedule, automatically starts up the UV device to scan the whole cabin and eliminate the existing bacteria
COP anti-virus protection
COP is the most frequent used component. It is important to keep it clean and bacteria free to avoid any outspread of virus. Medicare COP is coated with light sensitive material, once under special UV light, the coating will chemically react to decomposes the attached organic material, and eliminate the virus and odor.

Car cage easy-clean treatment
All cage stainless steel panels have been specially treated with easy-clean paint, any stains and bacteria can be easily be removed from car cabin.

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